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Free Delivery On All Orders Above $79.00
Free Delivery On All Orders Above $79.00

FDA Registration Services


Many companies are required to be registered with U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) under United States laws and regulations. At American Importing International, we provide comprehensive regulatory guidance to help you determine if and when to register with the FDA. AII will submit the proper documentation about your firm & products to the FDA (and other governing agencies) to stay within compliance and achieve the optimum outcomes in a timely manner.

The first step is to determine whether FDA registration is necessary. Many firms and categories of products, such as cosmetics companies, are not required to be FDA registered. Further, food and supplement products are not required to be listed or FDA registered; however, manufacturers of foods and supplements must maintain active FDA registrations in order to import and market their products in the U.S.

Additionally, foreign companies are required to have a US Agent as part of maintaining an active FDA registration. AII provides FDA Agency Services to help our global clients with every aspect of their needs. please explain in details how can we help.