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Free Delivery On All Orders Above $79.00
Free Delivery On All Orders Above $79.00

Warehousing & Logistics Services

B2B & B2C 

Our Carson, CA warehouse handles both B2B and B2C shipments, with a primary focus on commerce fulfillment.

Locate your inventory close to your West Coast customers by using one of AII’s owned and operated warehouses. The facility is located just 10 miles from the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, so goods that are imported can be processed quickly for final distribution. Being in the heart of America's biggest population center, AII's Southern California commerce fulfillment center can ship next-day delivery to about 22 million people in the Western United States.

Our Carson warehouse is part of AII's nationwide commerce fulfillment network; which offers delivery to 98% of the country within 1-3 days and has the flexibility to meet a wide scope of client needs. please explain in details how can we help.